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SmartFridge ™ creates personalized grocery lists,
keeps your family's food fresh, and makes
meal planning simple, all by itself.


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SmartFridge combines the latest artificial intelligence technology with the simplest design to give
you the ultimate refrigerator experience. With SmartFridge, you can view the contents of your fridge
at anytime, anywhere, all through the convenience of your smartphone.
Keep your grocery trips hassle-free with our personalized food manager features, available to you at
the touch of a fingertip.

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Turn any fridge
into a smart fridge.

Create personalized
grocery lists

Receive grocery lists that are made specially for you, based on the food in your fridge and your own health profile.

Keep your
family’s food fresh

Monitor the freshness of your food and keep track of expiration dates with the Expiration Date Manager.

Make meal
planning simple

Receive customized meal plans tailored specifically for your diet with the Meal Planner.

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